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Author Guidelines

The journal “Bulletin of Sumy National Agrarian University. The series: Livestock” accepts papers, which are previously unpublished and not submitted for consideration in other editions, containing original research results in the relevant sectoral directions.

The main languages of the publication are Ukrainian and English.

All submissions to the “Bulletin of SNAU. The series: Livestock” undergo the double-blind review process. The editorial staff makes every effort, but does not guarantee that the review will last no longer than 30 days.

Materials and supporting documents should be sent to the editorial office at:

Requirements for materials

Article volume is 4-6 thousand words (A4 page format; book orientation; margins are 20 mm on all sides; 1.5 spacing, Times New Roman font, 12 point font size, first line indent (paragraph) – 1,25 cm).

Figures of the article should be edited in MS Word, grouped and created as a separate object, not over the text! All text captions in figures should only be executed in frames or text frames with the headset “Times New Roman”. The size of the figure should not exceed the margins. In addition, the figures should be centered without text wrapping. It is not allowed to use colors in figures.

Formulas in articles should be typed using the Formula Editor “Equation Editor” (this editor is an internal formula editor in MS Word).

Article structure:

  1. UDC (Universal Decimal Classification) (left edge alignment).
  2. Title of the article (Times New Roman, size 12 points, uppercase letters, bold, center alignment).
  3. Author's first and last name (Times New Roman, 12-point size, bold, left-aligned), degree, academic title, position and place of work, ORCID, e-mail of each author (Times New Roman, size 12 points, left alignment);
  4. Abstract and keywords in the language of the article (Times New Roman, size 12 points, italics, two-way alignment).
  5. Text of the article (Times New Roman, size 12 points, two-way alignment).
  6. References (Latin transliterated title list).
  7. Author's initials and surnames, scientific degree, academic rank, position and place of work of each author in English for Ukrainian-language articles and in Ukrainian for English-language articles.
  8. Abstract (not less than 1800 characters) and keywords in English for Ukrainian-language articles and in Ukrainian for English-language articles.

The main elements of the article (with indication):

Introduction: statement of the problem in general form and its relation to important scientific or practical tasks;

Literature Review, analysis of recent researches and publications which have begun to solve the problem and which the author relies on, highlighting previously unresolved parts of the general problem to which the article is devoted;

- formulation of Aims;

Methods that were used by the authors in the research process;

- presentation of the main material (Results) of the study with full justification of the obtained scientific results. The main material can be broken down into separate elements with their own subheadings, which logically follow from the presentation of the material;

Discussions and interpretation of the conducted research, comparison with studies of other scientists. This item is highlighted as needed.

Conclusions from the study and prospects for further exploration in this direction;

Acknowledgments. In this paragraph, the authors indicate the relevant grants, scholarships, and research programs that funded the research. Authors may also note the names of the persons or organizations that assisted with the research or the preparation of the material.

Applications. If there are multiple applications, they should be identified as A, B, etc. The formulas and equations in the appendices must be separately numbered: Eq. (A.1), f. (A.2), etc.; in the next appendix, (B.1) and so on. Similarly for tables and figures: Table A.1; Fig. A.1, etc.

The References is in Latin alphabet in accordance with APA (American Psychological Association) requirements. If the original source language uses Cyrillic, then the list items are translated. The titles of materials (articles, books, etc.) and periodicals are also bracketed. Example:

Author, I.I., & Author, I.I. (2019). The title of the article transliterated [Title of the article in English]. Transliterated Journal title [Title of Journal in English], 5 (1), 101-110. doi:

Please note that a DOI ID is required for each source, if available.

For transliteration, we recommend using the following sites: and

The text of the article refers to the corresponding source as the author's name and year of publication (Author, 2019), (Author & Author, 2019), (Author and others, 2019). If you are using link management software, please make sure you have deleted all the field codes before submitting the manuscript. How to do it:

The article adds information about the author (s), designed in a separate file, indicating:

- surname, first name of the author;

- academic title, scientific degree;

- affiliation, position;

- post address;

- phone number, email address (required);


The cost of publication is 40 UAH for each full and incomplete page. The editorial board submits one copy of the journal per article. A great request to the authors to agree with the editorial board of ordering additional copies in advance.

The publication decision is made by the editorial board based on the review results. Article may be edited without the consent of the author(s). Requisites for payment of the article are sent only after the final publication decision. Articles submitted without consideration of the above requirements are not accepted. Manuscripts rejected by the editorial board are not returned to the authors or reviewed.