The method of taking into the drift in determining the trajectory of the curvinal movement of the tractor

Keywords: machine tractor unit, curvilinear trajectory, wheel deflection.


This article discusses how to construct a curvilinear trajectory for a four-wheeled machine with front steered wheels. Important effects on curvilinear motion are phenomena such as slipping and skidding, which in turn influence the construction of the trajectory. Knowing how the movement of the wheels affects the movement, we can accurately construct the trajectory, namely the entrance and exit of the turn. The main task we wanted to solve was to find the easiest ways to construct a curved trajectory of the machine.

It is known that the angle between the velocity vector of the wheel and the positive direction of the axis of the tractor corresponding to the neutral position of the wheels is called the angle of withdrawal. It is also known that the deflection angles arising from the curvilinear movement of wheeled vehicles due to tire deformation distort the trajectory of motion and have a significant effect on the controllability of the machine up to its complete loss. Therefore, it is no coincidence that a large number of works is devoted to investigating the causes of the emergence of angles and their dependence on various factors.

Tire theory is taught throughout the course of this subject, but nevertheless it cannot be assumed that the phenomenon has been sufficiently studied so that it can be confidently used in determining trajectories, which is especially important in the development of methods of automatic control of the vehicle . The angle of rotation of the wheels depends on many factors, and often these dependencies are quite complex.


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