To the question of the history of development of electric cars


The work is devoted to the urgent issue of the invention and development of foreign and domestic electric vehicles, which is one of the possible directions in solving the issue of environmental conservation. Almost 80% of the global automotive market is heading for a ban on gasoline and the switch to electric cars and hybrids. However, this movement was, until recently, leisurely, if not slow.

The popularity of electric vehicles in the world is due to the fact that they have several advantages compared to cars with an internal combustion engine.

The principle of operation of an electric vehicle is based on the fact that the movement is provided by the operation of an engine that uses electric energy for its work. The electric motor plays the same role as the internal combustion engine, in addition, in the electric car, it is possible to install several engines that are able to distribute energy more efficiently and more rationally. Batteries play the function of a fuel tank, which supplies the engine with the energy necessary to ensure the movement of the car.

For Ukraine, innovation is very important for the development of our country. Constant demand makes it clear that the future of electric cars. Ukrainians are paying more and more attention to such passenger cars, or hybrid ones. Every year the number of registered electric vehicles becomes more and more. The article highlights the main stages of the development of electric vehicles and presents the main problems of these vehicles, which indicate that they tend to be constantly improved.


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