Implementation of information technologies in the educational process

Keywords: graphic disciplines, information technologies, multimedia software, multimedia presentations, interactive whiteboard.


The article deals with the applying of information technologies in the educational process that imprave the quality of the educational process. Information technologies are introduced into education, which leads to improvement of graphic training of future specialists in engineering specialties.

Implementation of information technology occurs in almost all sectors, but the most urgent solution of this issue the education system requires. It is hard to imagine a higher education institution that has been operating without the development of computer and information technology.

Nowadays, the Internet and computer technology have become an integral part not only of daily life, but also of the educational process as a whole. Students perceive computer technology with much more interest and positives than regular textbooks and manuals.

Information technologies in the educational process allows to change the character of educational and cognitive activity of students, to activate independent work of students with different electronic educational means.

An important element of the educational and methodological complex is the applying of electronic publications, multimedia and interactive educational systems.

The active role of information technology in education is due to the fact that, compared to traditional teaching aids, computer-based learning tools provide new opportunities, as well as enable the implementation of modern pedagogical learning technologies at a higher level, stimulate the development of didactics and teaching methods. Therefore, the use of educational information technologies in education today should be focused on the achievement of a strategic goal - training in higher education institutions not only specialist, but also creatively thinking and acting individual, capable of continuous self-improvement and self-development.

Thus, it is advisable to apply information technologies: animation, presentations, interactive whiteboard, which allow the teacher to communicate with students at the modern technological level, to make the learning process more attractive and effective in order to increase the effectiveness of the perception of the lecture course in graphic disciplines.

While the implementation of interactive methodology in the process of studying graphic disciplines the principles of didactics are implemented: scientific, systematic, consistent, accessible, durable knowledge and clarity. Interactive technologies make it possible to fully implement these principles in learning.


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