Keywords: low-speed wind turbines, wind generators, vertical wind generators, traditional sources of electricity, wind power plants, multiplier, grid energy


At present, it is necessary to make key decisions that have a direct impact on Ukraine's energy future. UVEA will strive to make wind energy a full-fledged technology in the country's energy balance. Creating an energy supply that contributes to a truly sustainable future based on unlimited, non-polluting and competitive renewable energy technologies is a challenge not only for Ukraine but for the entire world community. Wind energy is the path to peace. On the basis of studying the disciplines of electric machines and the basics of electric drive and conducting experimental data and the latest research in science in the laboratory of the department was made a generator for low-speed wind turbines. As a result of theoretical analysis, the possibility of using a wind turbine at a sufficiently low speed of the wind wheel, where the requirements for the generator will be much lower than in conventional electric generators with a higher load.


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