Keywords: production performance, nutrient metabolism rate, organ index, meat quality, growing, technology, chicken, broiler, poultry


This experiment aims to study the effects of Astragalus extract and Glycyrrhiza extract on broiler performance, nutrient me-tabolism rate, organ index and meat quality. The experiment was carried out in Yunnan Academy of Animal Science, for determine the quality of meat used the laboratories of Henan Institute of Science and Technology. A total of experiment use 360 healthy 1-day-old Avian broiler chickens were randomly divided into three groups, each with 6 replicates, and each replicate with 20 chickens. The study showed that adding Astragalus polysaccharides to poultry diets can significantly increase ADFI and improve FCR (P<0.05). Nutrient metabolism rate is an important indicator to measure the digestion and absorption of nutrients by animals. Its level directly affects the growth performance of animals and also reflects the nutritional value of diets. This study showed that adding Astragalus extract and Glycyrrhiza extract to the diet increased the metabolic rate of crude protein (P <0.05), but had no effect on the apparent metabolic rate of energy, crude fat, calcium and phosphorus. The relative weight of the thymus, spleen and bursal Index can reflect the overall immune function of the body to some extent. It is generally believed that a large immune organ index indicates that the immune organs are well developed, and the body's immunity is high. The study found that adding 0.2% or 0.3% of Astragalus extract significantly increased the Thymus index and Bursa index of broilers (P <0.05), and the spleen index had a tendency to increase. Muscle pH, shear force and drip loss are indicators to evaluate the physical and chemical properties of meat quality. The content of fatty acids in muscle is an index to evaluate the nutritional value of meat quality. This study found that the addition of Astragalus extract and Glycyrrhiza extract to the diet increased the pH of chicken significantly (P<0.05). Compared with the antibiotic group, pH was significantly increased (P<0.05) and pH was significantly decreased (P<0.05) for combination group, and there were no differ-ences for other indicators (P>0.05). Indicating that feeding Astragalus extract and Glycyrrhiza extract can effectively alleviate the glycogen caused by the stress of broilers after slaughter Glycolysis. Fatty acid is an important chemical substance that constitutes fat, and it is also an important factor that affects the flavor of meat. This study showed that the addition of Astragalus Extract and Glycyrrhiza Extract to the diet increased the SFA, USFA, MUFA, PUFA, and EFA in muscles, but there was no significant change, indicating that the addition of Astragalus and Glycyrrhiza extract under this test condition Does not affect the flavor of the meat. In summary, Adding 300 mg/kg Astragalus extract and 150 mg/kg Glycyrrhiza extract to the diet can improve the performance and immune function of broilers and the freshness of chicken meat, and can be used as a substitute for antibiotics in the poultry industry.


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